Technology Talent Australia

How to find the right talent -
our step-by-step process

Gain an understanding of the requirements
  • Let's start the Journey: Firstly, we need to gain an understanding of the client's profile, technology, structure, outlook & culture
  • Discuss areas of the technical, functional and business engagement aspects of the position
  • Understand the team environment and how the position contributes to the business
  • Discuss the recruitment process and interview expectations
  • Discuss salary expectations, including working hours, travel commitment and bonus along with timelines
Recruitment Strategy & Candidate Search
  • From the client information, put together the candidate market analysis
  • Targeted candidate search aligning with skills, profile and client profile alignment
  • Reach out to all networks, hiring platforms, Data Talent Community & DBase. Along with referrals, passive and active prospective candidates
  • Commence engagement with prospective candidates and start building a long-list
Candidate Interviews & Selection
  • Arrange the first round of internal interviews with candidates who have a range of relevant skills for the position.
  • With the candidate, discuss the client requirements along with an understanding of their key motivations for the role and company
  • Allow the candidate to take time out to review the position details and client information to ensure real interest in the position.
  • Request a short document from the candidate to offer an overview of their alignment with the position, career expectations and the client's future outlook
  • Review all selected candidates' information and decide on the final shortlist for the client, engage with the client on further input if required
  • Present final shortlist (expected 3-4) for client review, arrange a time to review and discuss
Client/Candidate interviewing and debriefing
  • Discuss any client requirements and expectations of the candidate interviews
  • Ensure the candidate is thoroughly prepared for the client interview and can present any information requested
  • Post-interview discussion with both client and candidate, review all aspects of the feedback for both parties
  • Discuss the next stages and update the candidate on further arrangements and decisions, be that positive or negative
  • Once all interviews stages are complete, arrange to assist with the final decision-making process
Final Selection & Acceptance Confirmation
  • After the final candidate selection is confirmed, ensure the candidate is fully engaged with the client's decision and the next step
  • Revisit with candidate's initial conversation regarding their motivation for the position and organisation
  • Arrange to speak with the candidate's references, and discuss key areas of the role expectations. Request specific career skills questions from the client if required
  • Confirm the Employment Agreement, and ensure both client and candidate concur with all specific details before sign-off and acceptance
Candidate onboarding & post recruit follow up
  • Arrange commencement dates and preparation requirements for a successful first day
  • Follow up with client candidate in the first week to ensure all is going as expected
  • Maintain a regular and open conversation over the first six months with both the client and the candidate

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